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About Us

Goyal Property Centre

Goyal Property Centre is a family-run, 2nd generation Real Estate investing and brokerage firm. We deal in the purchase, sale, and rent of all kinds of properties- commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural in Karnal and its nearby cities (Kurukshetra, Sonipat, and Panipat). We firmly believe in educating our clients about the dynamic and ever-changing Real Estate market.

As your property consultant, we believe it is our duty to maintain honesty, integrity, and transparency while delivering you the best real estate deals.

Helping People Find The Right Property

Over the years, we have developed a strong network and real estate portfolio that helps us to cater to your needs and specific requirements. To get the best deals, we analyze all the possible parameters like location, connectivity, feasibility, futuristic overview, return on investment, developer credibility, and financial aspects.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a property, we will be your go-to-guys.

Our Real Estate Services

At Goyal Property Centre, we offer our clients a full range of integrated real estate solutions. Our three primary real estate services are:
Brokerage services
We offer real estate brokerage services for landlords, institutional or corporate investors, and developers. Our service also includes checking locations, reviewing contracts, pricing negotiations, and administrative management, helping both parties get great deals.
Investment advisory
Our real estate consultants advise you on real estate investments' current and projected value. Our advanced databases and market experience help us get reliable valuations promptly. We offer market and financial analysis, comparative analysis, property appraisals, economic impact, and other land assistance.
Strategic Consultancy
Our strategic consultants can assist with a wide range of business & real estate related challenges, helping to create and deliver actionable intelligence. We collect and interpret real-time data on markets, properties, and locations to help you make informed decisions that reduce risk and increase value.

Meet Our Team

Rishabh Goyal
Rishabh Goyal is an MBA from IIM Rohtak with a long family history in agriculture and commodities. He brings a rare combination of skills in business & finance with sales, marketing, and research, all of which are essential in finding the best deals for his clients.
Mr. Rajeev Goyal & Mr. Rajesh Goyal
Mr. Rajesh Goyal and Mr. Rajeev Goyal have worked in the Rice industry in Karnal, Haryana, for over 25+ years. They started their journey in Real Estate by dealing in agricultural land. Since then, they have worked as Rice traders and Real Estate consultants.
Hitesh Goyal
Hitesh is a commerce graduate from Kurukshetra University. He started young by helping his family business with all the research, legal policies, and IT needed to execute real estate deals.
He has a keen interest in marketing and research.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment at Goyal Property Centre is to provide exceptional service and the most suitable properties. Our realtors are with you at every step to assist and advise which ensures a swift, stress-free transaction. We strive to make you happy and give you a smooth experience.
Unparalleled expertise
We have been in the real estate business for over two decades. This experience sets us apart and makes us understand your needs. Our agents regularly work in local markets and give you advice that is unlikely to be found online. Our team members are available - 6 days a week - to ensure smooth process.
Our organization believes in empowering our customers. It is about integrating the clients into our development process so that their preferences and needs are taken into account. We help you with legal processes, reduce information gaps, and provide hassle-free ownership.
Detailed research
The company has agents with significant experience in research that aim to understand the current estate needs and provide custom solutions. Our research includes location, Vastu, investment analysis, insurance, taxation, CLUs, legalities, land, amenities available, feasibility, and future outlook.
Accurate Valuations
We start any deal by understanding the realistic valuation of a property. Our realtors evaluate the state, location and amenities of the property and then determine the true worth of the property to get you the best offer.
The negotiators
Our team is known for getting our clients the best prices for the properties they want. We negotiate prices and features using correct strategies.
Responsive communication
We maintain open communication around the clock to make the journey seamless. We update you constantly with all the happenings and property related information throughout the deal.

Our values are our strength

We believe in relationships and trust. Our biggest strengths are honesty, integrity, networking, and impeccable work ethic.

More than two decades of experience in Karnal and nearby cities

Local knowledge & Wide network

Fair & transparent business practices

Backed by extensive research

Get the best real estate deals with us.

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